Fall Arrest Systems

Here at Atlas Safety, we provide rental fall arrest systems. These systems protect workers from vertical drops. OSHA requires workers who risk a drop of more than 6 feet to have a personal fall arrest system.

Personal fall arrest systems stop employees from falling from any walking-working surface. This type of fall arrest system includes:

fall prevention using fall arrest systems

  • A connector
  • An anchorage
  • A body harness

It may connect with:

  • A lifeline
  • A deceleration device
  • A lanyard
  • A combination of these systems

Fall Prevention


Atlas also rents out tripods for entry into confined spaces and for rescue. These are lightweight and versatile. They are usually made from a high-strength aluminum alloy. Workers use them when entering into, escaping from or working in an enclosed space. This means workers stay safe while in enclosed spaces.


Atlas has two types of winches available for rent. Both give the winch operator constant contact with the entrant below.

The first is a materials winch. The operator uses this winch to lift and lower materials into and out of confined spaces. It is not suitable for use with personnel.

The second is a personnel winch. The operator uses this winch for entry and nonentry rescue of personnel from confined spaces.


SRLs are Self-Retracting Lifelines. These are an alternative to shock-absorbing lanyards. An SRL can arrest a free fall in under 2 feet — a very short arresting and activation distance. Thus, Self-Retracting Lifelines reduce the risk of personnel hitting the ground. They also reduce the chance of personnel hitting lower level obstructions.

Manhole Guardrails

Atlas rents manhole guardrails that prevent people from falling into open manholes. These guardrails have a collapsible, steel-frame construction. They also have heavy-duty safety chains. The rail also accommodates lights, flags or signs. This ensures extra safety. Umbrellas, a winch or a guardrail tent are suitable for use with these guardrails. This makes them even more convenient.