Supplied Air Respirator

Meeting Your Supplied Air Respirator (SAR) Needs

If your employees are working in a hazardous environment, they may require a Supplied Air Respirator (SAR). Your workers may be in an oxygen-deficient environment or exposed to contaminants in the atmosphere. In either scenario, a SAR will be necessary.

Here at Atlas Safety, we supply rentals to suit all your Supplied Air Respirator needs. We have a selection of solutions available to meet all your organization’s requirements.

How Do Basic SARs Work?

Basic SARs comprise both a respirator facepiece and helmet or hood. The facepiece is either a full-face or half mask that fits tightly to the face. The helmet or hood will be loose-fitting. The SAR will have a connection to both a source of air and a hose to supply that air.

The source of air may be a low-pressure source, such as a specifically designed air compressor, for respiratory protection. This takes fresh air from a clean environment. Alternatively, the air source may be a high-pressured supply from an air cylinder.

Usually, a person will use a basic SAR in either a continuous flow mode or on pressure demand. Continuous flow mode means that the clean air flows at a constant, steady rate into the mask. The SAR will draw in additional air into the facepiece to suit the breathing requirements of the wearer. Conversely, a pressure demand SAR will need a high-pressure source to supply air because of its performance requirements.

Atlas Safety’s Range of SAR Solutions

Breathing Air Systems: Trailer

We stock both high and low-pressure trailers. These are suitable for the transport of breathing air.

Breather Boxes

Breather Boxes are portable filtration systems. They provide clean air to meet the needs of a set number of workers. We also stock Breather Boxes that have integrated CO monitors. These offer filtration of the air together with a system for monitoring carbon monoxide levels.

Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)

SCBAs (Self-Contained Breathing Apparatuses) are breathing apparatuses worn by the workers. A cylinder worn on the user’s back transports the clean air. Using an SCBA offers an employee complete freedom of movement, although carrying the cylinder may be tiring. An SCBA cylinder will only contain a certain amount of fresh air. This means it will require changing regularly. We stock supplied air respirators in capacities of 60, 45, and 30 minutes to suit your needs.

Five-Minute Egress SAR Escape Units

We stock five-minute egress supplied air escape units that have been specifically designed to allow for escape from hazardous situations. These solutions are vital to protect an employee from an IDLH (immediately dangerous to life or health) atmosphere.

Regulator Manifold Systems

Here at Atlas Safety, we supply rental air regulator manifold systems. These enable steady control and monitoring of the air pressure in an industrial environment.

SAR Hoses

We stock a variety of SAR hoses in a wide range of specifications. Whatever pressure type, series compatibility length, inner diameter or hose type you need, we can help.