Chemical Protective Clothing

Atlas safety provides chemical protective clothing and safety suit options to meet many needs. The purpose of chemical protective clothing and a safety suit is to shield the individual from chemical, physical, and potential biological hazards that are encountered when dealing with hazardous materials. We have the expertise to guide you in the selection to ensure proper fit test for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements and ensure your safety.

There are various types of clothing appropriate for use in chemical operations. Atlas can help provide recommendations in their selection and use. No single combination of protective equipment and clothing is capable of protecting you against all hazards. Chemical protective clothing or safety suits should be used in conjunction with other protective solutions. For any given situation, equipment and clothing should be selected that provide an adequate level of protection. Too much protection as well as too little protection can be hazardous and should be avoided.

Protective Clothing Applications

Atlas can help with safety suit needs for the following applications and more:

  • Emergency respons
  • Chemical manufacturing and processin
  • Hazardous waste cleanup and disposa
  • Asbestos remova
  • Agricultural pesticide application

Safety Suit Component

Selecting personal protective clothing requires the integration of safety suit components that provide an appropriate level of protection and still allow the user to perform the required job activities. The following is a basic checklist of components that form a chemical protective safety suit solution:

  • Protective clothing (suit, coveralls, hoods, gloves, boots
  • Respiratory equipment (SCBA, combination SCBA/SAR, air purifyingrespirators)
  • Cooling system (ice vest, air circulation, water circulation
  • Communications devic
  • Head protectio
  • Eye protectio
  • Ear protectio
  • Inner garment and outer garment protection (overgloves, overboots,flashcover).
examples of chemical protective clothing and safety suits