Fall Protection

Protecting the workforce from falls is essential for any employer. Evidence has shown that falls rank among the most commonly seen causes of deaths and injuries in the workplace. It comes as no surprise, then, that employers have a legal requirement to offer protection.

Whether they work on elevated work platforms or whether there are hole hazards in the workplace, employees must take precautions. This is where Atlas Safety can help. We provide high-quality fall protection equipment to meet a wide range of needs.


What Are the OSHA Requirements for Fall Protection?

The OSHA requirements for fall protection demand employers supply protection at a range of heights. These heights depend on the workplace:

  • Construction industry – 6 feet
  • Longshoring operations – 8 feet
  • Shipyards – 5 feet
  • General industry – 4 feet

OSHA also requires employers to provide protection when employees are working over, or with, any dangerous machinery or equipment. This applies regardless of the potential fall distance.

The Importance of a Safety Hierarchy

In any potentially hazardous workplace, having a safety hierarchy in place is vital. This will identify the safest solution for any given hazard.

Eliminating a possible hazard will always be the best solution. A company can employ passive fall protection solutions, such as guard rails, for this purpose. Unfortunately, it isn’t always possible to protect hazards passively. In such cases, fall restraint measures are necessary. These prevent workers from accessing potential fall hazards. Sometimes, restraint will also be impossible. In such cases, a company must use fall arrest solutions. These stop a fall in action.

Here at Atlas Safety, we stock a range of solutions for all elements of the safety hierarchy. We have passive, restraint, and arrest solutions to meet your organization’s needs.

Choosing Atlas Safety Equipment

Atlas Safety makes it easy to comply with OSHA’s requirements for fall protection. We stock an extensive array of products to protect your workforce regardless of your workplace or specific needs. All the equipment we offer is not only OSHA compliant, but it’s also produced to the highest standards. That means you can have complete peace of mind that you are protecting your employees to the best possible extent.

Some fall protection safety equipment that we offer includes:

  • Safety harnesses – These are essential items to protect workers from falls when working at a certain height. We stock safety harnesses in a range of styles, materials, and sizes to suit the needs of your organization.
  • Fall arrest accessories – A company uses these high-quality components in a fall arrest situation.
  • Anchor points – Companies use roof anchors to connect lifelines and lanyards. Roof anchors offer effective fall protection.
  • Lanyards and lifelines – These will break the fall of any employee to protect him or her from injury.
  • Confined space retrieval systems – These portable solutions are ideal for workers on the jobsite. A company can set them up over a manhole or other opening to prevent employees from falling.

The Atlas Safety team members are experts in fall prevention solutions. Contact us today to find the best equipment to suit your requirements