Gas Detection

Atlas safety provides gas detection devices to meet many needs. We have solutions for both portable and fixed gas detection. We also calibration gas kits and accessories.  Contact us to discuss your needs and your specific situation.

  • Fast, accurate leak detection at a highly sensitive level
  • Detect almost any known gas or gas mixture
  • Simple operation
  • Large, clear displays for easy viewing
  • Convenient calibrations
  • Inexpensive consumables and part


Portable Gas Detection

We offer single, two, or multi-gas portable detection devices. Some are outfitted with real-time incident awareness capabilities. Therefore, team members, supervisors, and safety managers will know when incidents occur via a Bluetooth® wireless connection.

portable gas detection

Fixed Gas Detection

We offer fixed detection systems for oxygen, toxic and combustible gases. These solutions include advanced, multi-lingual, easy to read OLED displays.  They also have a unique touch-screen interface that makes our fixed systems simple to navigate.

fixed gas detection

Calibration Gas Kits, Accessories

Atlas carries a complete selection of calibration gas kits and accessories.  We also have cylinders, parts, kits, and accessories for portable detection instruments.  Our kits are all certified and tested for accuracy. Some options include simple all-in-one kits for easy accurate and economical calibration. You can also choose from many types of sensor and instrument calibration options. All our kits include zero and span cylinders, regulators, tubing, accessories, and instructions. They also come housed in a lightweight carrying case, for convenient transport and easy carrying.

calibrated gas kits for gas detection