Lone Worker Solutions

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Do You Have People Working Alone?

What are Lone Worker Solutions?

Atlas Safety Solutions is a distributor of Grace Industries Lone Worker Solutions.

When using employee check-in systems, a lot can happen between employee “check-in’s”.

Employee check-in systems do not work – You need a Real-Time Immediate Notification System

  • How Long Would You expect to Wait for Help?
  • No Monthly Fees or Annual Subscriptions
  • Don’t Rely on Cellular Service or Cell Phone Apps
  • Don’t Rely on the Internet or Website Monitoring
  • Rugged Intrinsically Safe for Harsh Environments
  • Interface with SCADA and All other Alarm Systems
About Grace Industries

Grace Industries is a manufacturer of life safety innovations for a number of industries. Their products are made in the USA and have been helping to protect lone workers, firefighters, miners, military personnel, industrial workers, chemical workers, and many more for over 40 years.

Their primary business focus is on lone worker life safety products, with special emphasis on advanced technology through research and development. Grace Industries’ specialty is downed worker notification and security alarms, for fixed and mobile applications.

They are the leading manufacturer of Personal Alert Safety Systems (PASS) devices in the USA. Grace Industries believes that when someone’s life depends upon their products, that they should be directly involved in all steps of the process from design to engineering to assembly. They take pride in supporting their country and economy by creating jobs and offering superior quality products which are hand tested in an ISO certified manufacturing plant.

Grace Lone Worker Buddy Package
lone worker buddy package system

It is this simple, when Buddy One’s TPASS®3 AM Alarm Monitor goes into alarm – Buddy Two’s TPASS®3 AM will alarm to alert the worker of their buddy in distress.

The TPASS®3 AM is a special model that includes the alarm monitoring feature. The typical application includes two devices, however, there is no limit to how many TPASS®3 that can be used. They can even be mixed with other Grace worn devices. A SuperCELL® SC500 can be used to monitor multiple worn devices with the added feature of knowing who is in alarm on the display screen, we call this the Supervisor’s System Package.

Grace Lone Worker Supervisor’s Package
lone worker supervisor package system

It is simple, the SuperCELL SC500-SM Supervisor’s Model is used to monitor and identify users of TPASS®3’s and other SC500’s.

You can mix combinations of all Grace products. Using the SC500, you can add Grace Locator Beacons assigned to indoor or outdoor locations. When a TPASS®3 or SC500 goes into alarm, the last logged Locator Beacon will also be displayed on the SC500.

Grace Lone Worker MS2000X System Package
lone worker ms2000x package system

The MS2000X Safety Monitor is used to notify others of a worker in distress.

The MS2000X is a fixed wall mounted device that can be combined with any mixed combination of Grace worn devices. It is available in 120/240VAC or 12-15VDC power configurations and offers optional Light and Siren, Heated Enclosure, and Automatic Telephone Dialer. Standard as four optoisolated inputs to trigger PANIC, EVAC, Canned Message, or 16 character free form messages. Four output relays are provided to drive external devices. The Input/Output configuration is popular when interfacing with fire and security systems, plant processing equipment, and SCADA systems.