Atlas Safety provides customized services for a variety of client needs. If you don’t see the type of service you need, please contact us.  We regularly fulfill these services:

Equipment Repair

Meter Calibration & Repairs

Atlas offers dependable and quick turnaround with our meter calibration & repair services. All calibration services provide annual certification renewals were required. Our meter calibration services are available for most instrument/ meter types and sizes. Our service includes:

  • External and internal visual inspection
  • Cleaning and lubrication as required
  • Calibration performed per original equipment manufacturer (OEM) tandards
  • In test / out test
  • Date of calibration and certification as required


Respirator Fit Testing

Any work performed in a position that is regulated by OSHA Respirator Standard CFR 1910.134 is required to have a respirator fit testing completed once a year. Testing is also required when there are changes in employee facial characteristics or a new mask is purchased.  It can be costly to employers who fail to comply with this requirement.

Hazards Requiring Respirator Mask Fit Testing

Respirator mask fit testing is required when the following hazards are present in the work environment:

  • Whenever dust and fibers are present – typically in situations where lead and asbestos are present
  • Whenever there are fumes in the environment like welding fumes
  • Whenever there are mists in the air, most commonly resulting from paint spray
  • Whenever any type of gas or vapor is present, like carbon monoxide or solvents that can become vaporous with temperature change
  • Whenever any type of biological hazard is present like animal waste, or living organisms or viruses

Atlas provides the following respirator fit testing services:

Qualitative Respirator Fit Test

For a qualitative respirator fit test, the worker wears the mask along with an additional hood over their head. A series of test agents and gauges are applied during the testing process.  These test the worker’s ability to detect any smells and tastes. If the worker is able to detect any agents through smell or taste, the mask fitting must be adjusted or changed.

Quantitative Fit Test

The quantitative fit test is used for tight-fitting masks, a machine is used to measure any leakage that may occur do to an improper fit. The machine used to perform the test will give a “fit factor” and a pass or fail for each exercise performed The worker will perform a series of tasks that simulate movements they would do during their work shift.

Bench Testing

Atlas provides computer controlled bench testing services to evaluate the performance of Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA), escape packs and Supplied Air Respirator (SAR) units.

We can test a variety of respiratory protective equipment. Bench Testing allows us to test SCBA performance without disassembly and special tools. The service automatically tests all major functions of the user’s SCBA, records the results, and provides the results.


Gas Detection Service

Whether you need help with Fixed systems or portable gas detection the Atlas Safety team works with the premier manufacturers to help find the right solution for your monitoring needs. Please contact one of our knowledgeable team members to discuss what we can do for you.


Fresh Air Training

Onsite or offsite fresh air training services. Atlas Safety provides your company with fresh air training programs that are customized to your needs.

Safety Services

Attendant Safety Watch

Attendant Safety Watch personnel specialize in confined space management practices. This service provides support for confined space entry teams. This includes entry supervision; permit executors; and rescue team roles. The most critical member of an entry team is the Attendant Safety Watch. Atlas contracts Attendant Safety Watches in the industry to fulfill the requirements of the owner’s entry team roles and support the management of all required confined space documentation. Attendant Safety Watches are skilled personnel that are trained specifically on the hazards of a confined space, gas detection operation and atmospheric requirements of the space, permitting, and the roles of the entire entry team. We can supply these resources to various industries where there are confined space needs, but mainly to process outages and plant turnarounds.

Fire Watch

Atlas Fire Watch personnel support a diverse market of business partners with the need for support personnel that integrates with their professional tradesman and skilled labor force. Trained Fire Watches are commonly furnished to welding/hot work activities being conducted within, or around processes that present the potential of igniting combustible materials. Our Fire Watches are competent within refinery settings and like environments that require hot work produced sparks to be contained and extinguished eliminating ignition potential. Our Fire Watches are utilized to support the coordination, permitting and housekeeping duties associated with hot work activities. Atlas contracted Fire Watches have comprehensive training on fire chemistry, fire extinguishers, refinery safety, and hot work requirements.

Bottle Watch Safety Overseer

The Atlas Bottle Watch Safety Overseer serves a critical role during operations using supplied airline respirators. This role is most critical due to the hazard level of the operation that requires maximum respiratory protection for worker protection. We supply competent Bottle Watches that can be trusted by our business partners when someone’s life depends on their knowledge. Our Bottle Watches are tested on coursework instruction, physical assessments and personal evaluations of the candidate’s ability to physically operate and demonstrate the required competency levels when operating fixed and portable supplied air systems. Atlas sourced Bottle Watch Safety Overseers are trustworthy, dependable and reliable. Each Bottle Watch will receive training on a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) and Workplace First Aid/CPR that also qualifies them to perform safety overseer functions on behalf of most of our business partners.