Person in Charge (PIC) Serivces

DCS currently furnishes Person IN Charge (PIC) personnel to its petroleum pipeline partners to serve in a job site representative and liaison role on behalf of the pipeline owners and operators. Our PIC personnel are available to support project engineers and pipeline management with the progression of their projects and the daily demands that may impact those operations. Our PIC personnel are closely associated with the field operations and contractor coordination for the purpose of efficient production and safe work practices. Most of our projects are highly visible to the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Office of Pipeline Safety. Consequently, DCS strives to furnish industry with the best candidates suitable to represent the demands and expectations of all jurisdictional regulatory bodies. We only provide PICs who meet the DOT Operator-Qualification requirements and educational backgrounds pursuant to their specific scopes of work. Our PICs are assessed for their competency in the areas of enforcing DOT and the American Petroleum Institute (API) guidelines as it pertains to pipeline maintenance, retrofits, modifications and new construction.