Fire Resistant Clothing

Here at Atlas Safety, we understand the importance of protecting employees from fire risks in the workplace. That’s why we stock an impressive range of flame retardant and fire-resistant clothing. Whatever the needs of your workforce, you can rest assured we have the optimal protection available in our range.

The Importance of Fire-Resistant Clothing At Work

Burns are a serious risk for workers in many industries. OSHA regulations require every employer to provide a workplace that is safe for employees. This is why having suitable fire-resistant clothing available is so vital in a wide variety of industries. Burns are currently the fourth most prevalent form of trauma around the world. Recent statistics have shown that more than 40,000 people end up in the hospital every year because of burn injuries. A substantial proportion of those occurred in the workplace. Fire risks and hazards present the risk of life-changing injury or even death. Therefore, providing suitable protection is key, not only for the employees’ benefit but also to protect employers from legal action.

Types of Fire-Resistant Workwear

Workers who are dealing with flame and heat need fire-resistant workwear. There are two kinds to choose from. The first is cotton that has been chemically treated to guard against flames. The second is “inherently” fire-resistant workwear. Made from a special fabric, it stays fire resistant during its entire lifespan, even when washed. We stock a comprehensive choice of fire-resistant clothing to offer both full and partial body protection. From boiler suits with special features that guarantee no sparks can enter to protective vests, we have everything you need.

Meeting Performance Requirements

When you buy fire-resistant clothing from us, you and your workforce can enjoy complete peace of mind. Every item we sell meets the NFPA 70E performance requirements for your safety. They are all also UL Classified to NFPA 2112 standards. This ensures that your employees remain safe from injury at all times even in the most hazardous working environments.

An Impressive Product Range

We take pride in stocking a huge choice of fire-resistant clothing to suit all kinds of working conditions. Whether you are looking for fire-resistant sweatshirts, pants, shirts or outerwear, we have high-quality items at your disposal. When you buy from Atlas Safety, your workers will be well-protected from flames and dangerous arcs.