Head Protection

Atlas Safety understands just how important it is to ensure workers’ safety on the job site. Employees across a wide range of industries require head protection to keep them safe at work. We are able to provide head protection to meet a broad spectrum of needs.

We supply both bump caps and hard hats. Hard hats are suitable for working environments in which head protection is required. Bump caps are suitable for wear in situations in which head protection is desirable but not essential.

Hard Hats

There are many employers who have established their own regulations surrounding the wearing of hard hats. These requirements are developed to ensure worker safety onsite. Not only that, but ANSI Z89.1-2009 may also apply. This American National Standards Institute requirement addresses specifically the need for industrial head protection. It demands that hard hats are worn whenever heads may be subject to potential hazards.

OSHA also has a requirement for employers to ensure head protection is worn by employees. This is applicable in situations where potential hazards that pose a risk to the head exist. Atlas Safety is able to work closely with you so you can meet legal requirements in this respect.

Hard hats represent one of the most frequently used types of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). They are worn for numerous applications. This includes the manufacturing, construction, gas, oil and welding industries.

The basic criteria for selecting hard hats for the workplace include:

Brim Type

There are two brim types to choose from. Both are suitable for use in different applications.

  • Cap Stylered cap style hard hat and white full brim style hard hat
  • Full Brim

Impact Protection

There are three different categories of impact protection available when it comes to choosing the right hard hat for you. These include:

  • Type 2 – this offers protection from both lateral and top impacts
  • Non-Impact – this does not offer protection from impacts 
  • Type 1 – this type of hard hat only offers protection from top impacts


Hard hats can be made from a range of materials. Each one offers effective protection from different types of hazards. It is important to choose the right one to suit your specific application. The available hard hat materials include:

  • ABS
  • Glass-reinforced Nylon
  • Phenolic
  • Polycarbonate
  • Polyethylene
head protection hard hat material options


Different workers have different ventilation requirements. This is why there is a choice of two types of hard hats available.

  • Non-Vented
  • Vented
ventilated head protection

Bump Caps

When head protection isn’t a workplace requirement but some head protection is desirable, a bump cap is ideal. Bump caps reduce the chance of workers suffering from head lacerations and abrasions. They also help to guard against minor head bumps within the working environment. It’s important to note, however, that bump caps cannot replace hard hats in workplaces where ANSI compliance is required. In work situations where workers must be protected to ANSI standards, a hard hat will be necessary. Bump caps, however, can give employers and employees alike greater peace of mind when working with potential minor hazards.

bump cap head protection