Head Protection

Atlas Safety provides head protection for a variety of needs. We supply hard hats for work environments that require protection, and bump caps for situations where head protection may be desired but not required.

Hard Hats

Many employers have their own requirements for hard hat usage. In addition, the American National Standards Institute Z89.1-2009 specifically addresses industrial head protection, calling for hard hats to be worn wherever there is a potential hazard to workers’ heads. OSHA also requires employers to ensure their employees wear head protection if any potential hazard to the head exists. Atlas can work with you and also help meet all these requirements.

Hard hats are among the most commonly used forms of personal protective equipment (PPE), required in many applications that include construction, manufacturing, welding, and the oil and gas industry. Basic hard hat selection criteria include:

Brim Typ

  • Cap Style
  • Full Brim
full brim hard hat head protection

Impact Protection

  • Lateral & Top Impact (TYPE 2)
  • Non-Impact
  • Top Impact (TYPE 1)
impact head protection hard hat


  • ABS
  • Glass-reinforced Nylon
  • Phenolic
  • Polycarbonate
  • Polyethylene
head protection hard hat material options


  • Non-Vented
  • Vented
ventilated head protection

Bump Cap

Bump caps are an option if protection is not a work requirement and you still want some level of head protection. Bump Caps reduce exposure to potential abrasions, lacerations, or minor bumps to the head in a work environment. They are only appropriate for work situations which do not require the ANSI compliant head protection that hard hats provide.

bump cap head protection