Hand Protection

Protecting workers from injury and hazards in the workplace is part of every employer’s obligations. Hand injuries are often severe and can even be debilitating. Therefore, offering suitable hand protection for employees couldn’t be more important. Here at Atlas Safety, we understand just how vital hand protection can be in a wide variety of work environments. Wearing suitable gloves to protect the hands from injury can save employers and workers alike from lost workdays. You can increase productivity and minimize the risk of legal action against employers.

Safety Glove Types

Many hand protection solutions are available to suit the needs of all types of workplace. It’s important to choose the best type of safety glove to suit the work conditions, materials handled, and employee activities.

Disposable Glove

disposable glove hand protection
A range of protective materials make up disposable gloves. These can include latex, vinyl, nitrile, chloroprene, polyethylene or a tripolymer blend of nitrile, neoprene, and rubber latex. These gloves protect both products and wearers alike. If fingertip sensitivity is an essential part of the task in hand, disposable gloves are an especially good option. There are specific designs available for use in laboratory, medical, clean room, and food processing applications.

Leather Glove

leather glove hand protection
Wearing leather gloves can prevent abrasion. The cuff design, leather type, thumb style, and lining all ensure the best fit to suit a range of applications. Leather gloves are especially well-suited to certain jobs. These include construction, material handling, the operation of heavy equipment, and machinery maintenance.

Chemical Protective Glove

chemical hand protection
Employees who work with different chemicals require different coatings for their protective gloves. This is why there is such a wide range of chemical resistant protective gloves on the market today. Made from materials, such as latex, nitrile, and PVC (polyvinyl chloride), they make sure workers stay safe on the job. Contact our expert team today. We’ll help you learn more about how to choose the best kind of protective gloves to suit your working environment.

Impact Work Gloves

impact work glove hand protection
Impact-resistant gloves or impact work gloves offer additional padding. These additional padded areas are on the wrist, hand, and back of the fingers. These gloves protect from bumps, crushing, knocks, and pinch point injuries. They also absorb force and dissipate potential impacts so you can eliminate the risks of pain and severe injury.

Cut resistant gloves

cut ressistant hand protection
Cut protectant or cut-resistant gloves are not actually cut proof. While it is still possible for accidents to occur, cut-resistant gloves can minimize the potential damage. We stock cut-resistant gloves that meet several ANSI ratings up to A9. This means our range suits the needs of a range of workplaces. Cut resistant gloves, or cut protectant gloves are not cut proof. Accidents will still happen, and a cut resistant glove can mean the difference between a scratch or a few stitches and something much worse.

Welding Hand Protection

welding hand protection gloves
Hand protection for welding must make sure the welder’s hands are safe from any burn injuries or irritation. Welding gloves are usually made from highly durable materials, such as capeskin, cowhide or elk.





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